Copper Textile

Copper textile I think is a very nice conductor for using in fabrics. I also found payable copper textiles in silver and black, besides the normal copper colored ones. These textiles are often made as EMF protection for e.g. packaging. I actually even found EMF protected curtains to protect your living room from radiation from outside. I asked for a sample, it felt very nice, like a soft fabric. But unfortunately there was no conductivity in it at all, so not usable for my work, and maybe also not for what it is intended to do..

First I iron a piece of Heat-n-Bond on the copper fabric. Then I cut out a shape from this with a vinyl cutter. And then I can iron that again on whatever textile that is suitable for ironing things on..

Copper foil with Heat-n-Bond ironed on it
The result transferred to fabric, ready to iron. Use baking paper in between!
Some results..