Textile Paint Conductive Sewing Thread

Sewing thread is almost impossible to dye. This is because the temperatures to paint this thread are so high that you need a machine for that. Although I understand some conductive thread is made out of a combination of cotton and steel. This might be more doable, but I haven’t been able to get any of this..

I did find a way to paint little bits of thread. The result is a bit messy, but it works! It cannot be used in a sewing machine though.. Maybe later in the process i find a method that does make it possible to dye sewing thread at lower temperatures..

In this experiment I used the general conductive sewing thread, with textile paint. This is textile paint that is used to paint on textile, so not to wash & dye! When ready, the paint is fixated by ironing it.

Pretty much the standard of conductive sewing thread
Textile paint. Use the brightest colors, because the thread itself is dark..
Then simply painting the conductive thread
and hang it to dry…
Iron it after drying. Now it should be washable at 30-40 degrees celcius..
Made little embroidery with it

I will try order conductive cotton thread, maybe I’m able to dye it with normal textile paint.

Kobakant’s article about dyeing conductive sewing thread (using heating chambre): https://www.kobakant.at/DIY/?p=4123