Needle Felting

The first technique I tried in my preliminary research for Sensoric Fabrics was needle felting. Like many tries I found the instructions for including conductivity on Kobakant. Links below!

I used merino wool and one felting needle. Later on I used three needles at once, which is faster but a bit challenging. For that there’s also a special tool. How to felt is is also in the links below. What makes it special is the adding of fine steel wool. Just tiny bits! This way you can make a variable resistor just by felting!

Trying different amounts of steel wool
Somehow making two little ‘trees’ like this worked best for me..
The end result before connecting electronics..

In this video you can see how the felted boll reacts as a sensor to trigger the LED strip. The harder I squeeze the boll, the more LED’s go on.

Inspired by Kobakant instructions
Felting I learned from